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Courses Offered

Foundation English…

     Basic level English training for the beginners, using audio and video aided course tools to enable an individual to learn reading, writing and basic conversation in English within a very short span of period.

Unit 1:                       

     General English:   -     30Hrs/1Month

  • Know the English alphabets

  • Vowels and consonants

  • Sentences, phrases, clauses etc

  • Basics of English Grammar

  • Reading and analyzing simple passages

 Unit 2:                       

     Basic Conversation :   -  30Hrs/1Month

      • Acquaintance

      • Greeting a person

      • Answering  simple Question

      • Basic day to day conversation

      • Simple Enquires

Study kits:

Book1- M1A:
Module 1 (A) Class Work Book
Module 1 (B) Self Activity Book

        Spoken English is for an individual who is capable to read and write in English but experience difficulties in communicating. The program contains essential English grammar, to be followed for communicating in English with absolute confidence. The Conversation part gives proper skills to communicate in English at almost all common situations with enhanced vocabulary and pronunciation.

Unit 1:            Functional English                               30Hrs/1Month

Functional English leads you to the path of the whole structure of the language- English.

  • Analyzing the various types of sentence

  • A thorough examination of the parts that make a dialogue.

  • The role of words like ‘the’,’a’ or ‘an’ which gives a conspicuous meaning to a word or sentence.    

  • Words that help us sought queries

  • Appraise with the moods of verb, time verbs and the beginning and completeness of action.

  • Passage of time from past, present to future

  • The power of Punctuation. 

  • Words that connect.

  • Developing your reading, listening and analytical skill through passages

  • Enlighten with the art of writing.

Unit 2:                        Conversational English           30Hrs/1Month

 Conversational English acquaint with the various conversational situations.

    • Acquaint your personality.

    • Encounter somebody.

    • Conversations when you leave someone’s company.

    • Gratitude, expressing regret

    • Giving and taking advice

    • Conversing about different actions or pursuit.

    • Dialogue with a doctor, teacher, friend etc

    • Facing an Interview

    • Answers in the   contracted forms

    • Enquiries relating day to day matter

    • Going shopping, asking about price, interface through a telephone, etc.

    • Usual conversation at home

    • Common errors

    Study kits:

    Book3-M2FA:  Module 2, Functional English (A) Class Work Book
    Book4-M2FB:  Module 2, Functional English (B) Self Activity Book
    Book5-M2CA:  Module 2, Conversational English (A) Class Work Book
    Book6-M2CB:  Module 2, Conversational English (B) Self Activity Book

         The higher level of spoken English transforms an individual’s ability to communicate in English with any person or a team or a gathering with utmost confidence and more fluently with hardly any grammatical errors. This module offers a boost to your confidence through group and pair activities, which results in the attainment of the perfect and fluent English.

    Unit 1:                        Advanced Functional            30Hrs/1Month

      • Determiners that lend meaning to naming words

      • Auxiliaries

      • Various forms of sentences.

      • Types of clauses

      • Infinitives and Gerund

      • Exceptions to the general rule.

      • Essay writing

      • Reporting

      • Speech

      • Note Making

      Unit 2:                        Fluent Conversation               30Hrs/1Month

      • Conversation about interest, profession etc

      • Simple Questions and negative reply

      • Comparing two things, or person.

      • Simple addition of words in conversation.

      • Interrogative words (Conversation)

      • Dialogue in a class room

      • Use of word forms in conversation

      • Conversation in various situation

      • Application of grammar in various conversational situations

      • Use of phrasal verbs in conversation


         The mastery approach to English can be gained in this level. The person is now not only capable of communicating in English, he will gain knowledge about the English used in business level, legal matters and emphasis is given on accent training.
        • Development of the speaking, reading and writing skills

        • Business Communication

        • Telephonic Business Communication

        • Tackling an Interview

        • Personality Development

        • Accent Training

        • Effective Reading

        • Delivering Speech

        • Presentation skill

        • Exchanging Information.

        • Development of Social English

        • Entertaining visitors

        • Debates, settling disputes

        • General Etiquette

        Study kits:

        Module 4, (A) Class Work Book
        Module 4, (B) Self Activity Book
            Summer vacation is the time when students have ample time to learn new things, iBee understands your need to utilize this time in a more useful manner. iBee Immersion is the ideal platform for students not just to improve their speaking skills but also an overall development of their personality. The Immersion program is a half day training program for a period of one month. This program is not just studies but is filled with many fun loving activities and a place where the students can discover and define their talents.


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