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IBee – International Bureau of English Experts

ssss      Created after relentless endeavour of 14 years to have a specifically designed course to impart knowledge about the right way of communicating in English. iBee is a division of S.H. Career Academy India incorporated under Companies Act 1956, Government of India, The Company is complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards. more info

iBee Franchisee – The Best deal

Franchising is a unique and dynamic business method. A successful franchise will allow both the franchisor and franchisee to reap the benefits. We have a well-established system for the expansion of business by appointing Franchisee, which is the proven method for a prosperous and effective business. The iBee Franchisee get the maximum benefits out of the new business venture, as we extend our support to all who wants to take up the project.
          Any student or a professional faces the need of speaking in English an unavoidable situation in their life. The advent of the telephone, e-mail, web camera etc has made this world a better and smaller place; same is the case of English. It is the Universal Language and our world will come to a stand still stage if we do away this language. Hence, in the present era, communicating in English is not a choice, but a must. more info




Education :

          At iBee we follow our motto ‘ Bring out the best in you by giving you the best’. It is easy to get along with ones friends, so every teacher at iBee is not just a teacher but also a friend with whom you can share all the problems and go hand in hand, in this journey to acquire knowledge. The PPP framework that organizes lessons in three phases the presentation, Practice and the Production model, which has been accepted as a most effective method to make the classes more interesting, is implemented in all our classes.
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Course Details

           IBee offers four level courses for developing the communication skills of a person. The first three module the Foundation, Spoken and the Fluent level is divided into two the Functional English which tells about the technicalities of a language and the Conversational English handles conversation on various occasion. The fourth level, Expert English, concentrates on accent training, business English, personality development etc.
          iBee also offers an intensive English speaking training program -Immersion course. This course is for a period of one month, and a very effective course for learning the language in a very short span.

          iBee has their own textbooks, designed keeping in mind the requirement of students at different level for the development of the language.
          Well-organized classroom. Importance is given to whole class work, pair work and group work.

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