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  • How the training at iBee center? Is it different from the training in school ?

                 The training is entirely practice based, unlike the theory oriented approach in schools.

  • What benefits can I get after taking franchisee license from iBee ?

               You can use the strong brand name and most importantly you need only concentrate on the business development in your place, as the major requirements like study material, state and national level publicity whenever necessary will be taken care by the company. The company will provide constant business support.

  • What are the requirements to form an iBee Franchisee center ?

               All the necessary requirements are explained in the proposal form, please contact us for further details.

  • What publicity support I can expect from iBee ?

               Regular state and national level publicity will be taken care by the company depending on the requirement. The company will provide local publicity support.

  • What is the support for faculty that I can avail from the company ?

                The faculty appointed by you will be given extensive training on all the subjects that will be dealt by them.

Franchising is a unique and dynamic business method. A successful franchise will allow both the franchisor and franchisee to reap the benefits. For Queries Contact us or Email us

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