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  • How the training at iBee center? Is it different from the training in school ?

                 The training is entirely practice based, unlike the theory oriented approach in schools.

  • Is it possible to teach grammar in such a short span of time? ?

             It is for this very reason that English training Center has been a runaway success. As the teaching methodology and approach are very different from that of a school, we are able to train the students in fundamental grammar techniques in a shorter span of time.

  • When we walk into the class, is knowledge the most important or attitude?

            Attitude of course, which makes or breaks a student!

  • Should I join for all the four level of spoken English class

              No. You are not required to do all the four levels. You will be given counseling at our center and that will determine, to which level you will be admitted.

  • Can I opt for the subject in the two months training program (one module)

              Yes you can.

  • Is it possible to speak fluently with only two months training program

              Our course has been designed in such a way that everyday you encounter with various conversation at different situation. You are actually made to speak in this training program, which definitely make you speak fluently.

  • Is there any option for me to refer any books other than the material provided?

              We do have a well-stocked library with all the books that may be essential for the students at the time of the course.

  • Can I get a certificate after the completion of the course?

             yes you will be awarded a Certificate of Excellence after the completion of course as per your requirement.



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