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Explicit education…

        We are offering classroom training for all level of courses. Keeping in mind that all the four skills of learning a language has to come together, all levels have been formulated in such a way that the students enhances his listening speaking, reading and writing skill. Effort has been made to keep the classes more interactive and we have tried to include as many sessions to help the students speak. Importance is given on the personality development and enhancement of vocabulary.

     Our classes are more practical oriented, where every student is given maximum opportunity to speak about various occasions. A person can have a good knowledge of English only by learning the text, but he can never have the fluency of the person who practices speaking.

     All the classes are divided into, three phases: Presentation Phase; Practice Phase and the Production Phase. In the Presentation Phase the teacher presents the topic that will be taught in class. She will be more active in this phase. In the second phase the student understand the context put forward and now he should put this in practice, or how he will make use of the language. The third and the last phase is the Production phase where the students are bringing out or speaking about their ideas .In this way all the four skills of learning are strengthened in all the classes.

     Well-organized classroom. Importance is given to whole class work, pair work and group work.

     We are offering four level courses for spoken English and an immersion program for students during vacation. A special BPO training program and medical transcription courses are also available.

Distance education…

    We do understand the difficulties and the disappointment faced by many in their inability to attend the regular training. At iBee we have designed courseware which will help the students through distance education. Our courseware has been designed to be a constant companion in your effort to master the communication skills in English. We have tried to include many conversation and video clips to give the correct usage of words and  pronunciation.

        Since we are still in the process of the compilation of the material for the distance education program, it will take   some time before it is available to all.

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