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About Ibee...
        Today, the world witnesses a new horizon for prosperity and growth with Globalization of business, Liberalization of economies, and integration of markets, utilization of Information technology and all such new discoveries that makes the world a better place, and always keeps us connected.

ssssssEvery individual try to accomplish new set of skills. The communication skill of an individual opens doors for successful career, iBee is fully aware of the emerging challenges, and we forefront in preparing individual of any profession, to face any situation, anywhere in the world.

sssssEveryday, thousands of people experience failure, because of the disability to speak fluently in English. iBee offers the best opportunity to develop ones ability not just to speak fluently, but also develop the listening, reading and writing skills.

Need of IBee…

    English is the Language, which has been able to cut across barrier lines and form friendship, alliances, relationships between continents, nations and races. The largest number of computer network is in English.

       Similarly English is the language which is used in educational institution, public offices, private companies, banks, business negotiation, in the field of entertainment, information technology etc. Almost all educational, professional, scientific books are published all over the world in English, so that it becomes accessible to people belonging to all strata’s of society.

     Since many years our country has been witnessing the emerging of many institutions that offers the spoken English classes. Many times students experience a lot of shortcomings in these courses offered. At iBee we have tried to understand the various negative points, which hampers the success of a student. This is one of the reasons to join iBee and feel the difference.

We know that it is easier to learn the language through a friendly relation; we keep this principle in mind in our classroom. A teacher is not just a guide but also a friend to whom you can share your experience and make learning the most memorable one.

Following are the courses we are offering for developing the speaking skills, required for a successful career






• BPO Training

• Medical transcription

iBee Philosophy
        Bringing out the best in you; by giving you the best.

        To emerge as the number one English training academy in our country and make ourselves felt globally.


     iBee MISSION

        Globalisation has paved way for new business ventures not just in our country but all over the world. The importance of having a language to connect all the countries together has given new heights to English. English is the language which has helped to break all the barriers and to have a smooth mechanism to run many of the joint ventures and otherwise.
         At iBee we give you the opportunity to learn this universal language. Our mission is to impart the correct use of the language to people who have found impossible to make their dreams come true by the only handicap of not being able to use the language – English. Our training program has been formulated keeping in mind, the development of all the four skills of learning the language that is listening, reading, speaking and writing.

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